Mediation FAQs

Our mediators bill based on a half day or full day rate.

Half days are considered up to 4 hours inclusive of prep and follow up time.

Full days are considered up to 8 hours inclusive of prep and follow up time.

Individual mediator rates are on the bio web pages.

You will receive a confirmation email and an invoice for your party’s share of the mediation fee.

Yes, upon request our mediators are available to mediate in person. Please contact our office to coordinate an in-person mediation.

Typically, your mediation will continue. Your Mediator will have counsel’s cell phone numbers, and counsel should have their clients cell phone numbers.

Shortly after booking your mediation, each party will receive an invoice for their portion of the mediation fee. Invoices are due upon receipt, and prompt payment is always appreciated.

No, mediators at Comeaux Mediation do not charge cancellation or rescheduling fees.

No, Comeaux Mediation does not charge any administrative fees.

Yes, we will send counsel Zoom links shortly after scheduling your mediation. It is counsel’s responsibility to get your clients.

Yes, our staff will send reminder emails one week prior and the day before mediation.

We do not accept credit cards.

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